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Geexella pronounces ( jee - eh - LUH) is a queer singer , rapper , DJ and Co-organizer of Girls Rock Jacksonville. She was born in the DMV but is turning up currently in Jacksonville also known as Duval. Her DJ is Willie Evans Jr. a very proclaimed artist & producer in Jacksonville and all over the world. They have been doing music together since 2014 and have produced one album “gee things”. geexella writes about her feelings and she never forgets to remind folks to follow their dreams and that black lives still matter. She is working on her next EP due early in the spring. 

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Visibly inflight

Visibly Inflight is an up and coming music group based out of Marietta, GA. The music we create transcends genres and the laws of physics. From experimental hip hop to a little rhythm and blues, our goal is to make music that encompasses our artistry. There are many facets to Visibly Inflight. We want to show the world that art is art, regardless of race, creed, or color. No labels. The Vision? To create dope sounds and expressive lyrics, all with the intent to illicit change. We want to change the way people view music and view the world. To raise the human conscious is the number one goal. Be conscious of the world around you and the powers at play. We don't want war, just revolution.



If the sun were to take human form, you would find Sunrhe. She is a singer/songwriter from Columbia whose music blends a soft voice with futuristic, eclectic sounds. Now living in Atlanta, she continues to thrive and pour herself into her music.


chief mellow

Chief Mellow, 23 year old artist from Columbia, SC.

“I make music for the players, rebels & people who appreciate substance and authenticity. I'm heavily influenced by 2Pac, 36 Mafia, Big L, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa & Dom Kennedy. I'm also a designer & photographer. I like doing anything creative and expressive.”


niecy blues

Ethereal, genre bending, R&B songstress Niecy Blues captivated a cult-like following with her 2015 debut ep, Opaque. Hailing from Lawton, Oklahoma, Blues discovered her gift to woo audiences from adolescents. Blues, coming from a professional musical theatre background, uses her experiences and trance-like voice to carve a unique sound in the landscape of 21-century music. Upon first listen, Niecy introduces some and reunites others to a feeling of what she believes can change the world: LOVE.

In 2017, Niecy Blues was selected to headline the annual, local renowned, Black Expo Festival in Columbia, SC. Her music has spread “grass roots” style amongst the southern region. She has been featured as the Artist to Watch in both the The State, local Columbia, South Carolina newspaper and Charleston City Paper often herald as “refreshing”, “mesmerizing” and a up and coming pioneer of female artists alike.

Blues aims to pierce the conscious of her listeners with revolutionary tales of love, spirituality, social issues, acceptance and impacting her community one heart at a time.